Spiritual Courses in Nandanvan - SME & PSC Saturday 14th June 2014 9am to 3pm

We are conducting this program for all the students starting from the age group of 5 till anyone who has not started yet to earn for himself.


SME Techniques open the secrets of the brain. It is a unique combination of ancient knowledge and modern science. Simple process and technique of Yoga enable you to restore the memory power with less effort. It is effective for all age group to increase memory power, serenity and fitness of mind and calmness of thoughts and emotion. Course Fees is -Rs - 1500


PSC 's divine knowledge is for those who have the will to serve others. This is not only knowledge but it is the great
blessings of Shri Shri Babaji. Babaji personally takes care of those who participate in this course. It contains basic
technique to heal others who are suffering from physical and psychological diseases or ailments. It is designed to increase
auto immune system of the human body. PSC Fees are - Rs.2750/- (Age Group - All elders above 18)

Program Contents -

1. Yogic process and Simple Breathing
2. Meditation
3. Anatomy of physical body, aura and Chakra’s
4. Balancing of five elements.
5. Technique of screening, Cleaning and Vitalizing of aura and chakras.
6. Distance healing
7. Mass healing
8. Psycho healing


Indian Spiritual healing foundation – ISH Foundation is registered N.G.O. – Public charitable trust guided by an enlightened
master Shri Shri Swami Vashishtha beloved disciple of Shri Shri Babaji to fulfill his mission.

14th June 2014
Nandanvan Clubhouse Starting 9 am to 3 pm
Babaji has his own vision for humanity, he said “Every being is the unique creation of the almighty and has innate right to enjoy eternal
love, peace and happiness”, and he added “I have the way to achieve them, love others and be loved, to be happy and to be healthy”.
The motto of Indian Spiritual Healing Foundation is to show the Babaji’s way to all who are real seekers to obtain divine knowledge,health,
wisdom, abundance and prosperity, eternal love, peace and light, happiness and joy.
Do you WILL to have all this? Come and fulfill your will with the Babaji’s blessings.
This program is crafted by Spiritual Healing Foundation.

For enquiries please contact.
Raj Mane - 9765800506
Vrushali Urhekar - 9819793667, 9168033322
You can login to find the details at
More Info about who babaji is available at

Please carry something to eat for yourself and children.



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